Lifting Leaders Podcast # 8 with Lifting Leader Interns

This week's podcast is a special interview with the six Lifting Leaders interns. Listen to them talk about how the last 4 months with Lifting Leaders has changed and challenged them to become more influential leaders in their communities. 

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Lifting Leaders Podcast # 7 with Mark Clark

Lifting Leaders Podcast #6 with Sally Romero

Lifting Leaders Video Podcast #5 with Keith Thode

Lifting Leaders Podcast # 4

This week's Lifting Leader is Tommy Lee. Tommy is a a family man and a dynamic leader from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Listen to Podcast #4 Here:

Video-Podcast #3 Interview with Ross Paterson


Lifting Leaders' Podcast #2

Listen in each week to hear Tom Miller interview guests ranging from top business leaders to small town heroes who are making a positive and uplifting difference in their communities. 

This weeks Lifting Leaders podcast features Tyler Brandt, an uplifting leader on Western State Colorado University's who is pioneering a new entrepreneurial mindset and inspiring the campus community.

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Lifting Leaders Podcast #1

Ian Hatchett embarked on an inspiring fundraising mission to raise awareness and provide relief for victims in a small Nepalese community devoted by an earthquake.

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